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Vendor Info!

Please join us!

We look forward to hosting you at Comic Fest 2024.

This one-of-a-kind event shall draw massive crowds! Whether you're looking to promote your local business by selling goods as a merchant/food vendor or to expand your existing convention route as a professional comic con vendor, we would LOVE to host you!

Please fill out the form that best describes your services and products. We accept many different booth types, and are always open to new and exciting perspective merchants. Contact us if you have any questions.

Comic Fest Vendor Rules

Vendors must be present for the full duration of event.

(packing up early is not permitted).

Vendors will be provided access to water and 1-20 volt electricity (1800 watts) if required.

Vendors must provide their own 100-foot water hose and electric cord.

If vendors require more than 1-20 power, they must provide own generator. 

Vendor is solely responsible for legally obtaining all required health permits and liability insurance.



This will be an outdoor, rain-or-shine event!

Vendors are responsible for securing banners, signs, tents, etc.

Anchoring and/or staking into the ground is accepted.

Vendor badges shall be provided, and are only to be used by staff operating the vendor booth. The sale or distribution of these badges is prohibited.

Promoter will provide on-site security; however, exhibitor accepts full responsibility for any damages to your booth or merchandise for any reason.

Promoter is not responsible for any loss.

Vendors agree to uphold a welcoming environment to all guests.

Comic-Fest is an inclusive and safe space for everyone, INCLUDING YOU! Any major issues regarding patrons should be brought to the attention of event manager, and it will be handled swiftly.

We look forward to hosting you!

Food Vendor (3 days) - $500

Merchendise/Craft Vendor (3 days) - $300

Pokemon cosplay


comic con food truck

Food Vendor

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